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Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Time:7:04 pm.
so.....things are pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty good. that was a 'curb your enthusiasm' reference, in case you were wondering. larry david shakes my daddy complex.

i cant wait till tomorrow. payday makes me happy beyond words...

i makes me laugh when i see my icon. i havnt watched that movie in a donkey's year. i heard someone say that on npr a few days ago. a donkey's year. who knew? i want a ew icon...maybe something that reflects my current life. staring at my steering wheel, staring at my alarm clock, drinking too much coffee, not taking advantage of my youth. things like that. i need a tiny square that sums that up.

i am not loving the bristol store that much. the customer base is so....bristol. our whole philosophy is making a connection with customers but i dont see it happening. i dont even see a customer crush in the works. i dont really have time.

i dont have anything to talk about!

i am looking forward to saturday...robins bridal shower! and dracula! and dinner!
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Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Time:12:09 am.
i dont post that often but i need to talk about the wedding i just got back from. honestly it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. i had trouble breathing because everything was so amazing. first of all, it was outside, beside a pond-like body of water. whitney (the bride), joe (groom) and the wedding party went barefoot. when she walked down the aisle she was beaming and giggling....genuinly thanking everyone and saying "i am so glad you are here!" while walking down the aisle. you could look at joe and know that he was thinking "this is why i am marrying her, she is the sweetest person alive!". he was sooooooo proud! people that were sitting in an aisle seat had picked flowers to give to her as she walked down and that made up her bouquet. they were just beaming the whole time and everyone was sooooooo happy....i cried of course. because i know that this is a couple that will last, you can see it! i cant describe how happy i am for them. they hada bluegrass trio playing and thier first dance was to the song "aeroplane over the sea" by neutral milk hotel. i cried then too. i have never been around a more genuine group of people. i hope my wedding is exactly like that. casual, barefoot, banjos, not caring if my dress gets dirty, and i hope that i find that love that you have no doubt will last forever. bitter and cynical people can kiss my ass. i am really tired of that. i have given up on putting up that front that i dont believe in such love. i love love.

i wish you had been there!

in other news, i am working at the bristol starbucks now....everyone should come up there on sept 21st from 5-8 for "friends and family night" for free drinks. grand opening is on the 22nd...
i cant wait to get freakin PAID! it has been really shitty to make the transfer, it has affected the cash flow, i will tell you that.

i am using annettas cell phone so the people that know that number should call me.....this really goes out to chels and dee!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Time:10:36 pm.
i havnt unpdated in a long time. i was just reading the entries from years ago and it made me feel pathetic. i had such low self esteem! and i had taste for shit.

here are a few key points about my life right now:

-i am in florida. last minute decision.
-mom broke her body. she is frail like a baby bird.
-i am feeling pretty lost.
-i have a cold.
-i am going developing a nice tan. hoping i dont get the skin cancer.
-i feel like i am both the most and least dramatic person on the earth.
-i need to be less picky about the man i am going to spend my life with. or should i be more picky? i am not really sure because people say i am too picky but i dont want to grow old with a boring buy that i think could be gay.

sometimes when i am around people i think "wow, i hope i am friends with this person for the rest of my life!"

i also get sad when i think about people that i have lost contact with over the years. i am going to call rich whilst i am down here and hopefully we can share a meal or 2. i really regret how i treated him. i think i was just so immature and scared. i am sure it will come up in conversation.

i hope i sleep tonight. nothing is worse that taking a nyquil and not being able to sleep. i imagine this is what being sloppy drunk feels like. ugh, just thinking the words "sloppy drunk" makes me want to throw up.
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Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Time:4:38 pm.
i really need to take pictures. penny finished my picture quilt last night and it turned out great. i put mom's baby picture, a picture of otis with an ascot and pipe, chels crying, me crying, reba's baby picture, etc.....its great.

reba finished my dress earlier today. i am going through an intense dress phase and with my body type its a nightmare so having one made for me is heaven. its muslin-ish fabric with a brick red hem. i think i talked about it before....anyway, its finished and i love it.

i went crazy on amazon.com last night. i bought the "she's having a baby" soundtrack. dont laugh until you have heard it. i love it more than anything. if not for the music the movie would be a pile of crap. not that its wonderful, the music is wonderful. shut up.
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Time:12:05 am.
he is the most beautiful baby on the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will put up a non camera phone picture when i get one.
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Friday, February 24th, 2006

Time:4:21 pm.
i have a new nephew! i am so excited! i havnt held a baby in 10 years.....and i have NEVER held a boy baby! EGAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am freaking out! he had black hair and blue eyes! anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i get pictures i will put them up.

i guess when the nieces were born i was either too young or too angsty to fully enjoy them. and mark jones was born in louisiana and i didnt see him till he was walking.

i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Time:3:41 pm.

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mmmmmmmm its so true.
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Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Time:7:53 pm.
i wonder if i annoy people the way people annoy me. every sufjan stevens song i have heard, i like. every person that says "i like sufjan stevens", i hate. same with devendra banhart. ugh, i reaaaaaaally hate those people. so, in turn, i pretty much keep certain things to myself. i blame most of my problems on the internet of course. good news travels fast.

people that love music bother me. i used to love music and i was known for loving music but now its like a drug problem that i have to hide because i dont want to fall into a category with people that i cant stand. you know who they are.

same with movies, clothes.....couches.
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Time:8:59 pm.
today was shopping gold. urban outfitters was a bust, mostly because the whole store bothers me in a way i cant describe. i just want to punch everyone in it and every employee. it just screams "look at me and how cool i am and how cool i am trying not to be!". i still bought some plates from there. i am all about dishes.

ugh, i am really pissed at how my tattoo is healing. i just dont recall it being this raised.

reba is making a dress for me since i cant find one that i like/can afford/can fit into. its off white with a red hem. pretty.

what else......

i just ate the best sandwich on the earth. mmmm.
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Sunday, February 19th, 2006

Time:3:29 pm.
i am in florida....i'll bet you knew that, with my updating and all.

i ran out of clothes pretty early on and i am wearing my "fine dining experience" outfit. also known as my "meeting corporate people" or "fancy date" outfit.

i have eaten every snack cake in the house....and trust me, there was a lot before i will ape shit crazy on them.

we went to jezebels yesterday. i like to rate shopping trips the same way that the olympics or albums are rated. jezebels was diamond....i bought a tote bag, cat butt car freshener, and sushi bandaids. i felt buyers remorse as soon as we left but thats okay. thrift shopping was not even bronze...i bought 2 bowls, a pyrex loaf pan, and a saucer. they are really great but i was hoping for more of a gold trip.

i need to focus on getting clothes but seeing as how i am not happy with my current body, i am reluctant to go all out. when is anyone happy with thier body though?

livejoural.....good times.
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Monday, January 23rd, 2006

Time:8:37 pm.
maybe this computer will work long enough for a short entry.

-i really want a boyfriend that will pretend to be a dinosaur.
-i am getting the ol' space lady finished at some point in the near future. an octopus frame will be involved.
-curb your enthusiasm is my new favorite show.
-the bristol starbucks will not be opened until OCTOBER. this brings up so many problems, you have no idea.
-spending time with robin really does wonders for my abs.
-i am thinking of taking random classes. not at etsu of course. i dont want any weird run-ins.
-whitney is my new favorite person at work. besides john.
-i love people that are hilarious. there is nothing better than an honestly funny person.
-i hate people that try to be funny.
-i cant wait to go to florida. quiet naps will be taken, mark my words on that one.
-i bought some fabric earlier that will never have a use.
-i am cramping like a mofo.
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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Time:11:28 am.
sooo...i had to leave work on tuesday. "welcome to starbucks what can i......oh no, josh you have to take this one". and i ran away. throwing up cheerwine (its red in case you dont know the wonder of the best beverage on the earth) and red velvet cake can cause alarm, let me tell you.

i am feeling better today but i really dont feel like working because i am weak. plus i am contagious maybe?
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Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

Time:1:24 pm.
i watched 13 going on 30 today. i cried twice. i also laughed because seeing mark rufalo reminds me of a couple of guys i may or may not have loved in my life that had said that they were told they looked like said actor....neither of which were even close. the latter of the 2 took offense when i laughed and said "were they BLIND??????? you are the polar opposite of mark rufalo!". he stormed out of the room and said "our mouths and hair are the exactly the same!"

i would tear up some mark rufalo. i am talking tear it up.

speaking of, i had a really disturbing dream about this guy i went to high school with. i dreamed that he was locked up in the high school at night and i was supposed to save him. only i forgot and started watching tv. i finally got around to saving him and then apparently we loved each other. a lot.

i really dont want to work tonight. i hate nights. its every group of people i hate all at once. young people that scream and laugh, wholesome young people that scream and laugh with a weird accent, partying young people that talk too much and wear too much makeup, couples that just had dinner and good conversation, couples in general, and dont forget the holiday shoppers that only go to the jc mall once a year and love to come to starbucks and say "y'all got french vanilla cappuccinos here?".
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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Time:4:00 pm.
days off make me really moody.

akiko and i are going to sushi blues on thursday. there is something really depressing about eating sushi alone. its not much of a solo food. not counting having cheap grocery store crap or 2 dollar rolls from some hole in the wall.

i think i am going to pack the girls up and head to town. i am bored bored bored.....bored.
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Friday, December 9th, 2005

Time:7:14 pm.
Take the first sentence (or 2) from the first post of each month of 2005. That’s your year in review.

january---i brought the new year in begging for sleep. i screamed at the girls every few minutes or so to shut the hell up because i had to get up at 5.

february---i have no children, yet i just had a parent teacher conference. hilarious. now i am off to pick one up the child from school and bring her home...only to take her back out to go to cheer practice. where is my mini van?

march---taylor: "hey charlie, maybe a little later we can listen to.....kenny rogers?

april---i hate when people pose all akimbo in photos so all thier shitty tattoos are exposed. yeah, i always walk around when my arm draped over my head, its natural.

may---has anyone seen "the tin drum"? oh my, it disturbs me more than i can say. when it pops into my head i feel so uncomfortable its unreal. the scene where they fish eels out of a dead horses head alone is enough.

june---i am so close to being a single, middle aged, wine drinking, non-breeding, bitter, over-sexed, empty fridged, spinster, take-out queen.

july---all of this lovin' going around makes me wonder if i am going to find a person that i even have a little bit in common with. plus, i am so selective about who i like. the guy must be older than me, just play one or more instruments, have a slight speech impediment, be a little chubby, love music, love movies, smell nice, must be hilarious, and did i mention the hot speech problem? it would also be hot if he would correct my grammar.

august---i want another tattoo! robin's crack tattoo makes me jealous.

september---i havnt updated in a million years and i cant think of anything to say. maybe this is it.

october---the whole rob situation is going really well. he just went a little insane and i got mixed up in it. we are on good terms, though i guess it is understood that we are not friends by any means.

november---so. candise saw you know who in the grocery store a couple of days ago and gave him the dead eye. she said he most likely didnt see it because he had sunglasses on. in the grocery store. sunglasses. i am glad i am not still with a man that wears sunglasses indoors.

december---i am almost finished with my quilt. yeah, i said quilt. problem? thats what i thought.
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Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Time:4:34 pm.
i honestly hate banks. actually i love them but i love banks the way i like guys. i love them until i have to actually talk to them, deal with them, switch from one bank/man to another bank/man, or when i have to borrow money. just kidding about that last one...i dont need thier money, fool.

i hate this weather. it makes me feel like i am generally failing at life. i cant keep a positive attitude, i hate doing much more than sleeping, i think more than i should about things i shouldnt be thinking about, and i cant stand getting up earlier to warm the car up. i cant wait till that wonderful day comes when i will have a boyfriend that is more than willing to start my car for me. wink.

i really need to clean. i have motivational issues. i link it to the weather.

lets talk about work for a minute. i am getting to a point where i dont like to work more than 2 days in a row. i am getting restless and kind of bored. i do the same thing every single day. i serve the same people and repeat the same robotic conversation with them everyday. "oh suzy, your usual?? see you tomorrow!"

i am in a pretty crappy mood.
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Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Time:7:40 pm.
let me tell you...there is nothing like finding out that the guy you would most like to sleep with is a registered sex offender. i am so glad that some people watch oprah a lot and are curious about the areas rapists. i have shifted gears and turned my attention to triple venti guy....it just helps a lot to have a customer crush...otherwise the day creeeeeps by.

today was crappy....i felt like the district managers were overlooking me. mannie blatently passed over me whilst saying his goodbyes. he hugged the person to my left....then the person to my right...all the while i am standing there trying to keep smiling and laughing. it really pissed me off. customers also killed a part of me today....i cant stand stupid people. i cant stand redneck people. i cant stand ghetto redneck girls. i cant stand girls in general. i dont like young people. i dont like people that smile all the time. i dont like people that are dramatic and say "when i go home i am going to kill myself! my son will be better off without me!" honestly, someone said that to me today. she is soooooo flippin dramatic.

i am just in a crappy mood today. i opened my visor mirror earlier and a note that rob had written me fell out. "have a good day at work! call me on your break...<3 rob" i dont recall ever reading it.

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Thursday, December 1st, 2005

Subject:"worry just will not seem to leave my mind alone"
Time:9:02 pm.
i am almost finished with my quilt. yeah, i said quilt. problem? thats what i thought.

i had a dream about you know who. he had a dog besides brit and it bit my arm. i said "hey, your dog is biting me!" he said "oh....thats odd."

i really need a haircut.
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Monday, November 28th, 2005

Time:12:20 pm.
so...i am on hold with payroll. the best christmas song is playing. "i wish i had a river i could skate away on"....that seems to be the name of it.

long story short, i have no access to any money, i am in between bank accounts, my direct deposit is going to be all screwed up, and i cant stand the holidays.

i have been on hold for 5 songs.

i thing that this whole money thing happened so i so i wouldnt be able to get the tattoo that i want. just thinking about life without a octopus (or maybe a squid) on my arm makes me a little sad.

i havnt slept in a week which resulted in a 12 hour rock-like sleep last night. it was sooooo nice.

i lot of the christmas presents this year will be lovingly homemade. just tell me something that you need and i will try to make it.

penelope, i am making something badass for you and chad. you will love love love love love it. i am talking, love.

i need to overnight a little something something.

so...i have a little psycho crush on this guy. he seems to like interresting things, he has crappy tattoos, looks very greek, and he gives off a "i can be a real ass sometimes" vibe. i was talking to him a couple of days ago and in the middle of a insane flirt fest some girl with a void between her 2 front teeth (thanks for that one robin) came up behind him and said "so, how was the chicken and cous cous last night?"...honestly you could hear the record scratching and the silence that followed her question was almost hilarious. all i could think was "hey there cockblock!" she then lead him away whilst talking like a rabid chihuahua....

i think the reason i like him is because i saw him a sushi blues all the time and i want nothing more than a man that eats suchi and drinks wine.

i miss eating sushi 2-3 times a week. i even miss going to stir fry even though close to the end i was getting tired of it.
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Saturday, November 26th, 2005

Time:12:34 pm.
this week has been soooooooo....nothing.

i have been house/dogitting for a little over a week now. i honestly cant wait till its over. she has no land line so i a pretty much stuck with the dogs and cat for company. i feel like i had a lot to update about....including how i never want to live in a cul de sac, i never want to be married, i never want everything in my house to match, i hope that i never have a sign outside of my door that says "the owens'", and i am kind of scared of kittens.

robin! dont hate me! i left you hanging last week i know! i am coming up there hopefully on tuesday. dont hate me! call me at work tonight!!!!! i dont know the number....look it up on the internet!

egad. i hate sleeping in other peoples beds. and showering in other peoples showers.

i am just in a really crappy mood.
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